Hazardous Material


Unit Work with, use and care for materials and resources which can impact on health and the environment 

Unit Standard: 119558

NQF Level: 1

Credits : 2


In order for me to perform effectively in the field of environmental science, environmental management and waste management, I will be able to:

Identify a range of materials and resources and describe their characteristics and properties

Work with, use, transport and store materials safely and responsibly

Work with and use resources responsibly

Identify, categorise, collect, handle and dispose of different types of waste.

I will also know and understand:

The properties of a range materials (including waste) that commonly occur in my context

The positive and negative effects of such materials on the environment

The basic principles for responsible use and handling of various materials and resources in my context.


I can be assessed against this unit standard in the context of any activity which is related to managing environmental issues, such as:

Waste management related activities, eg

> Materials recovery and buy back centres

> Waste reception

> Landfill operations

Water course cleaning, care and maintenance

Care of public places, open areas, cultural and natural heritage sites

Maintenance of parks and sports fields

Involvement in community projects and job creation schemes relating to environmental practice

General industrial or extraction, ie activities with an environmental care or improvement focus


The scope and level of this unit standard is indicated by range statements related to the Specific Outcomes. Materials and resources can be interpreted quite broadly.

Resources would typically be natural resources such as energy, water, air, minerals.

Materials would typically be manufactured or the subject of use.

Material(s) could include: metals, glass, plastics, rubber (including tyres), asbestos, chemicals, agro chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical materials, fuels, lubricants, plant materials, human and animal materials, construction materials, etc and includes materials classified as waste (which includes any material that is left over from the production process).

My context: the learner’s work, domestic or community context.

Classify materials and resources found in an environment according to their potential impact(s) on health and the environment.